Management Team

The Executive Management Team

AmeriCare Medical’s Executive Team has extensive experience in healthcare delivery, management, governance, healthcare policy, corporate communications, branding and marketing.

Their history of building vibrant, mission-focused teams, fostering organizational brand strength and advancing long-range growth plans is a proven success model. As a team, possessed with broader groupings of strengths, their execution in navigating AmeriCare through various phases of its transformation and diversification provides the company with a unique sense of vision.

Collectively, the executive’s team’s extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of the health care business, including business strategy, operations, revenue cycle, acquisitions, emerging markets, financial performance and structure, legal matters, and human resources/talent management, has been a winning formula in accelerating AmeriCare’s growth metrics for high performance. This is measured by its financial strength, quality programs and customer satisfaction.

The executive team’s commitment to innovation, combined with a dedication to meet customer’s needs has fostered the strategic insight and understanding of complex business and healthcare operations in this dynamic market.

Executive Nursing Team

Our professional nursing team is the cornerstone of AmeriCare’s clinical programs. The director and assistant directors work in positions that combine leadership and management skills with traditional nursing methods and duties.They are the front line of patient care, oversite,training and education of our staff of over 275 care professionals. They also oversee a staff of 45 RNs, LPNs, PT’s and OT’s. AmeriCare’s nursing management believes that a therapeutic relationship between the nurses and the patient is essential to our success in providing exceptional and compassionate care. It is this therapeutic and consistent relationship that provides the foundation for our work with patients and families to collaboratively provide evidence-based care and achieve outstanding outcomes. AmeriCare has been consistently recognized as a health-care organization that stands for quality patient care, nursing excellence and innovations in professional nursing practice. Earning our CHAP accreditation in nursing confirms that our program is unparalleled in the industry, often referred to by our peers, as the “gold standard” in community based nursing and medical staffing.