Americare Medical, Inc. Launches Environmentally Friendly Corporate Campaign

Troy, MI. AmeriCare Medical, the 27 year old parent company of Sun Medical, AmeriStaff Nursing and Rx iV Infusion Pharmacy, announced today that they will be enhancing their corporate appearance to reflect an ongoing commitment to honor and protect the environment. Company President Gregory Jamian stated, “I wanted the new addition to our brand to signify to the World, that Americare Medical treats our environment just as we treat our patients and customers” – with respect! Jamian hopes that the new logo, which incorporates “Green” symbolism, will remind people to become more conscience of the carbon footprint they leave in their day to day lives and jobs. We are building awareness at three levels; customer, supplier and our corporate employees. The symbolic green insignia will appear on future promotional material provided by the AmeriCare companies as a constant reminder that we all need to do our part in caring for the environment, said Jamian. Company initiative’s include, but are not limited to switching from plastics to more bio degradable materials, re-cycling of papers and other materials, maintaining a more moderate temperature in all corporate facilities, promoting car pooling for employees, nurses and delivery personnel and adhering to stricter guidelines in company’s overall energy consumption. The company also includes the energy star to its list of compliances. AmeriCare has strived to develop polices and procedures for delivering earth-friendly products and behaviors. As an example, through restrictive purchasing practices, the acceptance to carry particular products or services will rest on a vendor’s ability to show that they share our goals and values, stated Gregory Jamian.

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